A Brand-Neutral, dedicated online marketplace for Pneumatic Products & services


1. What is Pneumaticmart?

Pneumaticmart is a “BRAND-NEUTRAL” B2B virtual marketplace & technology platform dedicated to Pneumatic products and related services. Pneumaticmart makes buying and selling more personalized, organized, easier and faster. Features like PRODUCT BUYER ZONE, PRODUCT SUPPLIER ZONE, INVENTORY ON SALE, FRESH STOCK AT DEALER PLACE, LOCATE DEALER IN YOUR CITY create a wonderful platform for all stakeholders.

2. What is the meaning of BRAND-NEUTRAL?

What we mean by BRAND-NEUTRAL is that we don’t promote one brand or product over other. Pneumaticmart is an equal opportunity marketplace only to facilitate virtual meeting of sellers and buyers. Selection of any brand by any customer is purely his/her individual choice based upon his/her own brand affinity. We have no say and we do not interfere in it in any manner whatsoever. THIS IS CORE TO OUR BUSINESS VALUE.

3. How is Pneumaticmart different from other eCommerce companies in the B2B space?

Pneumaticmart is merely a virtual marketplace. We only facilitate the best opportunity for a transaction between the buyer and the seller without really being party to transaction in most of the cases.

4. Is there any online financial transaction involved in the process?

No. Pneumaticmart is only a virtual marketplace where buyer and seller meet online. The actual transaction takes place offline and only the Supplier and the Buyer are party to that process.

5. Does the price of any product is displayed on Pneumaticmart?

No. We respect confidentiality of Company’s pricing strategy and we do not intend to publish any price on Pneumaticmart.

6. How do I submit / upload my enquiry?

This is very simple. Visit Product Buyer Zone and place your enquiry. You can also upload your enquiry file directly. However you must register ( Free) before submitting your enquiry.

7. How will I know if my enquiry is placed successfully?

Once your enquiry is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation mail. This mail will have all the details related to your enquiry. Enquiry details can also be viewed in My Account section, through your Login ID.

8. Who can use Pneumaticmart?

All the buyers and sellers of pneumatic products and related services.

9. What is the difference between New User, Registered User and Partner Member?

New User: Any person visiting first time is considered as New User.
Registered User: When any new user completes the basic registration process (FREE), he/ she will become the registered User. A registered user can log in to site by entering login ID and password. Without completing the basic registration process no new user can become registered user.
Partner Member: A partner member is a seller who has purchased services from Pneumaticmart.

10. What are the documents required for Membership with Pneumaticmart?

• PAN Card (Personal PAN for business type “Proprietorship” and Personal + Business PAN for business type as “Company”)
• Address Proof
• Dealership Certificate from the company (or any supporting documents as proof of being an authorized dealer) in case you wish to publish your name as authorized dealer for the brand you want to sell through Pneumaticmart.

11. I am a dealer/ trader , I want to create my own webpage on Pneumaticmart .

This is one of the optional features while deciding for membership.

12. I am a pneumatic Service Provider. Is there anything for me?

Yes, You can publish your detail as service provider on Pneumaticmart.

Any question not included in FAQs can be mailed to admin@pneumaticmart.com