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Instrumentation Products Manufacturers

In a process industry, controls of process variables are required for production. These process variables are level, pressure, temperature, humidity, and flow etc. In order to maintain these variables, measurements of these variables become important. Instrumentation products are used to measure, monitor and control these process variables. Pneumatic Instrumentation products include Positioners, regulator, relays, electro-pneumatic transducers, pressure switch, flow switch, sensors, solenoid valves etc. Pneumatic instrumentation products need filtered and dry air. Hence compressed air must be prepared by using filters and dryers before using it for instrumentation products operation. For instrumentation purpose normally regulators with specific consideration as per the application is used. Instrumentation product manufacturer have instruments, in order to control and monitor a certain process.

Precision regulators are also widely used for fine regulating of the pressure. Regulators are designed for low temperature environment, high temperature environment, stainless steel material of construction etc. Positioner is one of the important instrumentation products. Positioners can be Electro-pneumatic positioned, pneumatic-pneumatic positioned or smart positioner. Relay valve are volume booster valve or lock up valve. Lock up valve is used for safety circuit. Pressure switch is used to get signal at a particular set pressure point and used in controlling of variation in the pressure. There are general purpose pressure switch and high precision digital pressure switch. The digital pressure switch comes in 2 color display. Another instrumentation product is flow switch. Digital flow switch could be either for air or water. Display could be in 2 colors or 3 colors. Instrumentation product manufacturer have instruments are being used for measuring pressure, level, temperature and flow.

There are electromagnetic type flow switch, diaphragm type flow switch, paddle type flow switch. Solenoid valve for instrumentation/process control are mainly with NAMUR interface type. They are designed intrinsically safe, explosion proof. Industrial filters are also instrumentation products. Various types of filters include Industrial filter, Bag filter, precision filters for liquids. Elements of filters can be sintered metal, fiber element, paper element and micromesh element. Rotary actuator is another significant product in the instrumentation system. Rotary actuator controls the opening closing of control valves. The movement of rotary actuator happens due to positioner. SMC, FESTO, CKD, JANATICS, COMOZZI, PNEUMAX, PARKER, SPAC, NORGREN and others do pneumatic instrumentation products manufactures.

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