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Mechanical Valves

Mechanical valves

Depending upon the actuation mechanism mechanical valves is categorized as the ones which get actuated mechanically. Unlike solenoid valve where the valve gets actuated due to actuation of solenoid coil or the air operated valve where the valve gets actuated due to external pilot, mechanical valves are actuated by the application of external force as cause of actuation. Some of the mechanical valve types are roller lever valve, one way roller lever valve, toggle lever valve etc.

Mechanical Valves can be 2 port, 3 port or 5 port valves. Example of application of roller lever valve or toggle lever valve can be explained by the actuation of roller lever valve at the end of the stroke of an air cylinder. When the piston rod hits the lever of the roller lever valve, this gets actuated. Similarly in case of push button valve, when the button shaped push button is pressed, Push button valve gets actuated. Push button can be of different shapes like round shaped, mushroom type. Another type of mechanical valve is twist selector valve. In this valve a selector switch is there at the top of the valve. When we twist the selector switch valve changes its position. Mechanical valves can be either side ported or bottom ported.

Some of the mechanical valves are also called as manually operated valves like hand lever valve or push button valve. Different types of hand lever valves are 3/2 or 5/2 hand lever operated valve with spring return and 3/2 or 5/2 hand lever valve with detent. These hand lever valves are available in different sizes like 1/8”, 1/4", 3/8”, 1/2", 3/4" or 1”. Another type of mechanical valve is 3 port pressure relief valve or residual relief valve. One type of mechanical valve is finger valve which can be operated by finger through rotating the knob. Another type of mechanical valve which gets actuated by using the feet is called foot operated valve. Foot operated valve can be either 3/2 or 5/2, with lock or without lock. Mechanical valves are manufactured by almost all the manufacturers of pneumatic products. Major manufacturers are SMC, FESTO, CKD, JANATICS, COMOZZI, PNEUMAX, PARKER, SPAC, NORGREN and others.

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