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PneumaticMART : How It Works ?

PneumaticMART is categorized in many Zones/Sections to meet specific requirement by specific set of users. This user guide is to provide inputs on different features available with different zone .

Why Pneumaticmart

Whether you are a pneumatic products manufacturer, Dealer, Trader or a service provider, Pneumaticmart is a WIN-WIN for all. Some of the reasons why you should be on Pneumaticmart:-

1. Product Buyer Zone : Access through registration (FREE) . Buyer can post / upload their requirement easily and can send it to the desired manufacturer for early submission of quotation. Since the enquiry sent by the buyer is delivered to the manufacturer ID (mail received on this mail id is addressed with priority by the company) , an early response is expected. Besides the buyer can access many relevant information on site related to product.
2. Product Supplier Zone : For supplier ( Manufacturers) of pneumatic products. Visible only when login as registered User. However a registered buyer needs to be a partner member to have access of all the business features available on this website. Supplier can post their product related information / schemes etc. They can also publish their upcoming event.
Supplier as partner member (Refer information on membership) can receive the enquiry sent by the buyer directly on their registered mail id.

As a supplier (partner member only) , supplier can publish the available stock to the customer which will help customers across India to meet their requirement fast.

3. Dealer / Trader Zone : Excellent tool for dealers / traders to expand their business by creating more visibility and being in the virtual market where thousands of buyers looking for the required product. Dealers/ Traders can publish their available stock / stock of items on sale. No price will be displayed anywhere on the website. Once customers find the required product available in the displayed inventory, transaction will take place offline. Pneumaticmart representative will explain you in detail.
4. Web Store: Any company having their web store can link their web store or can take our services to create web store on our website.
5. Service Provider Section: Any Service provider related to pneumatic products and services can publish their detail for reference to the user at nominal price.
6. Product Information Section: User can easily access to the catalogue / details on product series for their reference.
7. Ad Zone : There are many pockets on the website where advertisement space is available. You can select your preference and ask for the quote.

Do write us on admin@pneumaticmart.com for a demo.