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Vacuum Ejectors


Vacuum is the pressure below atmospheric pressure. Pneumatic vacuum equipment is used generally for conveying the material and pick & place of the goods or handling system in various industries. Vacuum is being generated by vacuum pumps and vacuum ejectors. Vacuum pumps reduce the pressure in the closed system and create the vacuum, while ejectors use the compressed air to create the vacuum. Vacuum ejectors work on the principle of Venturi effect. While vacuum pump suck the air available in the system to generate the vacuum. Vacuum pump operated with the help of motor and they create the heat in the system while ejector don’t use compressed air so it don’t create any heat and sometimes it is preferred over the motor operated vacuum pumps because there is no moving part in it and hence there is low maintenance cost involved in it. Pneumatic vacuum equipment is designed to generate and harness pneumatic vacuum power for use in machine operations.

Motor operated vacuum pumps are generally used in the large system where flow requirement is high. While ejectors are preferred for low flow rate. At higher flow rate compressed air vacuum ejectors are not quite economical. SMC, FESTO, Schmalz and PIAB are big brand for Pneumatic vacuum equipment. Ejectors can be categorised as single stage vacuum ejector and multistage vacuum ejectors. These can be selected as per the flow and vacuum pressure requirement. Vacuum system can be centralised or decentralised as per the application and need in the plant.

Pneumatic vacuum equipment includes other component like vacuum air filter to avoid any dust particles, vacuum regulator to control the vacuum pressure, vacuum pressure switch to monitor the vacuum pressure, Vacuum reservoirs to provide the vacuum back up in case of vacuum system failure. Vacuum valves to create and release the vacuum in the circuit. To make vacuum system compact, vacuum module is available, which includes the vacuum flow controller, filter, valves, and pressure switch. Vacuum module not only save the space but also reduces the complexity of the circuit and increase the efficiency of the system.

Apart from these components vacuum cups or pads are also available for various application in different size, shape (Oval, flat, deep, bellow type) and with mounting adapter (ball joint, with buffer, without buffer) and without mounting adapter. These pads are made up of different material like Nitrile rubber (NBR), Silicon rubber, urethane rubber, fluoro rubber (FKM) and are used as per the application and surface on which it is going to be used due to their material characteristic.

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